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AMS Established


Providing multiple products for US Military. Awarded QPL status for US Army & Navy


Created an environmentally friendly paint for Barbie Dolls: Approved for and implemented into the Mattel Barbie  Production. 


Created an innovative gift wrap product approved and sold in Walmart


Mission: Create a product that will finally solve the age old problem of lost and mismatched socks!


SocklinX was Born!

SocklinX developed out personal frustration; a desperate need to solve the problem of lost and mismatched socks. 

Our years of engineering skills came in handy. Like most projects, the solution to lost and mismatched socks was neither quick nor easy.  SocklinX needed to effectively grip all types of socks (from heavy sport socks to thin dress socks and stockings), be pliable and easily used by both children and adults, withstand multiple cycles of hot water, soaps, bleach, softeners, tumbling, heat and withstand aging and cycling. All while being cost effective. 

Multiple concepts failed. Many plastics could not withstand the rigors of the washer & drier. Others were brittle and did not effectively grip the multitude of socks.  

Failure served to heighten the challenge. 

We applied our 30+ years of product development and familiarity with stringent testing standards to socks. 

SocklinX was Born!


And the fun continued: 

When the award winning animator for the Snowman saw SockLinX his eyes lit up! Instantly he brought the socks to LIFE!


There they were - two cute matched socks safely snuggled into their SockLinx and ready for the best day ever at the SockLinX Amusement park! Whether it's riding the waves of the washing machine or enjoying the dry heat of the sauna, the socks are sharing their excitement. And, after a long day at the park,  they snuggle up together and in the drawer and doze off to sleep - dreaming of the best day ever.


Our animinators will tell their stories right here!  Watch for your socks right here on the storyline.  

Add your story HERE! 

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