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Why Carry SocklinX?

Year Round
Attractive Margins

Drives Traffic &

  • Drives Traffic: 

    • Laundry​ Consummables

    • Socks/Apparel

    • Closet/Storage

    • Footwear

    • POP/POS

    • Sports/Uniform

Basket Size


Quality Product

  • Made in USA

  • Durable - produced with specialty polymer resistant to high heat, detergents, and tearing

  • Engineered to grip a variety of sock types and sizes

  • Thoroughly tested - withstands countless laundry cycles and years of use.

Occupies Minimal
Shelf Space


  • Clip Strip

  • Display Box

Approved Vendor

  • Approved Walmart Vendor

  • Approved QVC Vendor

  • Approved Mattel Vendor

  • Approved QPL Vendor for Variety of Industrial Companies

Together We'll
Drives Sales

  • We're eager to collaborate with you to design a program to best meet your needs, including

    • Custom Packaging 

    • Private labeling & Rebranding

    • Short Lead Times

    • Excellent Pricing

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